About the breed

Tornjak (a sheep dog native to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia) is a sheep dog which was in the past found exclusively in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This breed lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina at least 1000 years, due to the mentioning of it in handwritten documents of the Catholic church from 11th century, but they might have lived there a long time before that.

Tornjaks are according to their standarts classified into FCI group 2, "Molossian: Mountain type". The breed is now provisionally accepted (since 1.6.2007) and therefore is not eligible for CACIB.

Tornjaks have a well-built, strong body yet there are agile. Usually they are multi-colored with significant signs on their coat of different colors. Most of the time, the most dominant color is white.
Due to the fact that Tornjaks are shepherd dogs they have inclinations guarding the flock and protectionist instincts in their "pack". They are stubborn, but whole-heartedly devoted to their family who they respect and protect.

First Tornjak to be brought to the Czech repubic was by Jasmína Petlach in 2012, in 2014 her first litter in her breeding station Tor Bohemia was born, which was as well the first litter in the Czech republic.
In the beginning of 2018 there are approx. 35 Tornjaks in the Czech republic (according to a database bulit by Sabinou Kučerová).


We are a small breeding kennel from Czech republic, existing from 2006.
Before we had always dogs and cats at home, but only the only the ones, they were not for the shows or breeding.
We have berger de brie - briards, Cotons, Samojeds we had with them many success in shows, but the most important for us was always the character of our animals. Now we continue with the Tornjak.


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